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Thank you for visiting our website!  We have retired from the Estate Sale business as of January 2018 and are no longer taking new clients.  We are retaining this site for informational purposes and to allow you to update your email address in our system as we intend to still do the odd sale here and there for current clients.  We can also be contacted through this site.  We thank both our clients and buyers who have made our business such a great success over the years!  



Experts in Estate Liquidation

Thank you for considering us as your Estate liquidation experts.  We have simple primary goals when it comes to estate liquidation:
- Maximize your profit
- Sell as much as possible in as short a time as possible
- Leave your home in "ready to sale" condition
Why choose us?

We utilize our many resources and attention to detail to make this process stress free for our clients. We understand that this can be an overwhelming challenge and are sensitive to your needs. We tailor our services to fit those needs. Customer service is our top priority.


We minimize your stress and maximize your receipts. Our experienced staff handles the entire sale including...organizing, categorizing, staging, and researching your items while creating a striking visual and appealing sale. We fully staff the sale protecting your assets. We handle all the advertising on the internet which will include photos showcasing your items.  We know where estate sale shoppers look to find sales and we are there.  We do use newspaper ads as well, but that is just a small part of our proven methods to bring in buyers.  Our exclusive repeat customer email list by itself can generate enough activity to empty a large house!  We take great pride in our work and treat you like family.

Our clients love us because we sell everything and make them more money.  Our buyers love us because they get an excellent deal on everything we sell.  We win by earning new customers and clients at every sale.  Everyone wins....that's the only way to do business!  
After the sale we provide several options to leave your home in ready to sale condition.  In fact, your house can be cleared of whatever mess is left from the sale, including trash, at no cost to you!  Rather donate to a charity?  No problem, we can help with that as well.  We never offer to buy or keep unsold items ourselves.  Many Estate Liquidators do and use this to scam the client.  We don't. 
Nobody in the Dallas Metroplex does it better!


  • You need us in the case of a death of a family member and need to liquidate the Estate with records for probate. 
  • You need us in cases of divorce when joint property needs to be liquidated with records for the court.
  • You need us in the case of a down-size due to economic or other conditions where fast cash is needed now.
  • You need us in cases of relocation when you need to move out of the Metroplex and just can't take it all with you. 

Give Valerie a call at 214-693-9885 to schedule a meeting, or email at  We will meet with you to evaluate your needs and answer your questions.   There is, of course, no charge for this service.

We will discuss:
  • Are there any codes and regulations for your Home Owners Association regarding public sales on your property
  • Which items are to be included in the sale. All items not in sale should be tagged or removed before the sale

  • Is there any documentation that will need to be provided that verifies you have the right to sell the included items (i.e. Power of Attorney, Will etc.)

  • Please do not throw away any items or have a garage sale before we meet. Let us determine what is “trash or treasure”

  • Do you have any receipts,  appraisals,  or history that pertain to value of items

  • Are you able to provide Home Owner liability insurance, electricity, water, and heat or cooling for the sale premises

  • If the house will be for sale we can help.  Just have your Realtor provide us with information for us to distribute during the sale.  Our sales have led to contracts on several homes! 

    Discuss options for removal of unsold items.  We can have the house cleared (including trash) at no cost to you!



We will enter your home to clean, sort, display and price your items for sale.  Feel free to drop in and see how it works! 

Feel free to let us know your thoughts on the pricing of various items.  We want to know!  That said, our extensive experience helps us to determine the right pricing and we are the best in the Metroplex at it.  If you leave it to us you won't be disappointed.  Occasionally we come across items outside our areas of expertise.  Thanks to years of networking, we have access to many individuals who can provide that appraisal expertise.  There is no charge to you for this service, its on us.  From time to time we will come across items of sentimental value that may have been over looked by the family before the sale.  We will contact you before the sale or even during the sale to confirm its sale or to hold it out of the sale. 

We have a massive community of customers that attend our sales.  They are just waiting for us to say the word and they will come.  We also advertise through local newspapers, and several web based channels. We know where the customers are looking each week to decide which sales to attend and spend money at.   We also place professional custom signs on the day of the sale as permitted in your community.  All necessary permits will be obtained by us for the sale days.  We believe in the power of photos and will post them here on our site and on the other sites that permit customers to preview the sale and ask questions beforehand.

We will provide sufficient staff for your sale to proceed smoothly.  We run 2 and 3 day sales depending on the volume being sold.  Merchandise prices are firm on the first day of the sale with a reduction schedule on the following day(s).   We are happy for family members to attend pre-sale setup, though we encourage you to stay home during the sale and let us do our thing.  We won't insist on it, but experience shows that the sale will go smoother for both you and the Buyers if you allow us to do what we do best!

         We conduct the sale in a professional and efficient manner and take all reasonable steps to prevent theft or damage to your items or home.  We have a reputable and knowledgeable staff to assist in our sales and in some cases hire police security to attend the sale (at our cost).

         No hidden fees.  Our fees are clarified in a written contract and approved by our client in advance.   Our fee is based on a sliding scale depending on the pre-determined estimate of the sale.  We generally charge a lower percentage on larger sales, and a higher percentage on smaller sales.  Our fee will be set at the time we sign the contract for liquidation.  Unlike many Liquidators we DO NOT offer to "buy" your Estate.  This is a clear conflict of interest because it is too easy for the Liquidator to take advantage of the Client by offering less than the Estate is worth.  Many will offer to buy what is "left" of the Estate after the sell.  They then put very high prices on items that they want to remain "left over".  When the items don't sell the Liquidator keeps those items for later sell to their own benefit.  Beware of this ploy! It is never a good deal for the Seller. 

         POST SALE:
         The best part....we send you a check and documentation if necessary for court records.  We will also pass on any offers in regards to the sale of the house (if requested).  Return keys and house to client.